How to set up a drum set fast?

With so many drum set brands around, it is quite easy to buy the best drum kits, but the difficult question remains, how to set up a drum set? While we cannot deny the fact that setting up a drum kit will need a bit of skill, we are also telling you that it can also be done easily at home with a little guidance.

So if you have just bought your best drum kits but are still wondering ‘how to set up a drum set,’ we have got you help!!

Step by step guide to set up your drum set fast

Follow these steps to set up your drum set fast.

how to set up a drum

  • Start with your drum stool….

Look for an appropriate place to set up your expensive drum set and place your drum stool on a centre point. Sit on the stool and take up your drumming position. Now start with placing the pedals where your feet are. The bass drum pedal will be towards your right foot while the hi-hat pedal will be towards your left foot.

  • Now position the bass drum pedal behind the pedal and attach the bass drum to it and position the snare stand between the two pedals. Now mount the toms and add the cymbals by setting up the cymbal stands.
  • Before you adjust the height of the rest of the hardware, adjust the height of your stool or ‘drum throne.’ You need to ensure that you have a comfortable sitting position. The correct sitting position is where your knees do bend at 90 degrees angle, and your hips are a little higher than the knees. Now adjust the height of the snare stand to a comfortable position. Considering the snare height, adjust the rim of the drum to be a few inches higher than your thighs. It will protect your legs every time you hit the rim shots.
  • The floor tom has to be at the same height as the snare so adjust the legs of the floor tom accordingly. However, it is your personal choice if you wish to put the floor tom at an angle so that it slightly slopes towards you.
  • There are two different types of tom mounting systems-the ones that are attached to the bass drum or the ones that have clamps fixed to cymbal stands or drum rack. You can use either of these to get a favourable angle and position for toms. But it is important to have them within easy reach.
  • The cymbals are to be placed in the kit so you can raise your hands to reach out to them. You should not have to lean forward or move away from your stool when you have to play the cymbals.

Whether you buy cheap snare drums or the best electronic drum pad, you can easily learn how to set them up yourself. Type ‘how to set up a drum set’ and search online, and you will find some of the easiest DIY guides to do the job.

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