How To Record An Electronic Drum Set To Your Computer

In this post, I’ll show you the simplest, cheapest guide on how to record an electronic drum set to your computer without having to use a third-party recording device (such as iRig) or even a microphone. All it takes is just a few setups and you’re good to go.

Step 1: Preparation

First, you need a headset. Then, you need a 3.5mm stereo splitter cable. Connect one port of the splitter cable to your headset, the other port to the Mic port on your computer, and the jack will be plugged into the headphone input on your electronic drum module.

Note that for this method, we don’t need a microphone because electronic drum sets are electronic. You can record straight from the audio output. Just plug the module directly into your computer.

3.5mm stereo splitter cable

3.5mm stereo splitter cable

Note: You might wonder “How can I plug the port (which is a female connector) of the 3.5mm stereo splitter cable to the Mic port (also a female connector) on your computer?” Well, you’ll need another 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable to connect these two ports.

Here you might also ask “Why do I need a splitter when I can just connect my drum module and my computer using a male-to-male audio cable?” Well, you need a splitter for two reasons: to be able to hear the audio through your headphone/external speaker, and to plug your line into your computer.

Step 2: Set your sound

On your Windows computer, right click on the sound icon at the bottom right of your screen and select ‘Sounds’. If you don’t see this icon, click on the upper arrow next to the Wi-Fi icon to find it. If it is not available, simply type “Control Panel” in the search box at your Start menu. Open the ‘Hardware and Sound’ menu and select ‘Sounds’.

A small panel will appear, under the Sound category, select ‘Manage Audio Devices’. The Sound windows will appear, select task ‘Recording’ and double-click to open the Microphone Properties settings. Then select ‘Levels’ and set it to a lower setting, which is usually 25%.

Finally, don’t forget to select ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ to save all the changes you’ve made.

Set your sound

Do the same thing with your module by adjusting its sound to 50%. You could go lower if you want better quality sound; just make sure it doesn’t sound too small for recording.

Step 3: Recording software

There are many free recording programs available on the Internet. My favorite is Audacity which is a powerful digital audio editor and recording software with easy-to-use features, so you don’t have to be a pro to start recording. You can download it from its official website, then install it on your computer.

Recording software

Once you’re done with the tool installation, open it to start recording. There will be little settings that may require you to adjust; just make sure your recording audio is set to low. My personal setting is often 25%.

Step 4: Start recording

With everything set and done, it’s time for recording. On the Audacity software, click on the ‘Record’ button, which is usually the round red-colored button.

Play a few of your favorite tracks on the electronic drum set. If everything is set up properly, you will notice every beat you’ve hit on the drum. If not, you need to recheck your setup, or even redo it from the beginning if needed.

If you want to create a professional music video like what you usually watch on YouTube, you can install a camera to record your playing and add sounds to it using the recorded files.

We hope that this guide can help you in how to record an electronic drum set to your computer. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. We’ll answer all. Thank you for reading!

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