How To Make Drums Quiet To Not Bother Your Neighbors?

My fellow drummers, I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been playing drum for quite some time. Especially, if you’re leaving in an apartment, you would probably have heard someone complain “Hey! Your drums are too loud, please keep it down!”

How To Make Drums Quiet To Not Bother Your Neighbors?

Of course, we didn’t want to annoy anyone. And here is how to make drums quiet:

Don’t play so hard

This is a surprisingly simple yet really practical tip for any drummer. Instead of putting all of your forces into the drumsticks, try to play quieter with more control, dynamic, and feeling. This way, not only will you be able to reduce the volume of your drum kit, but you will also get better at feeling the beats.

And don’t think of this as a limitation but a lesson. Being a musician means that you must learn how to have responsibility for your instrument. Your drumming must be suitable for the situations and doesn’t bother other people while you’re playing it.

Try electronic drum kit

Try electronic drum kit

This type of drum kit has come a long way since its first appearance. Now electronic drum kit is considered an ideal choice for drummers who’re looking for quality products that sound both good and quiet.

Try lighter drumsticks

It’s simple physics. When you use a heavier drumstick, the amount of forces generated each time you hit the cymbals will certainly be higher than when using a lighter stick. So, switching to a lighter pair of drumsticks will be a wise choice if you’re looking to how to make drums quiet.

Using dowel sticks

The fact that dowel sticks come with simple design and have no distinct heads makes them suitable for lowering your drum volume. You’ll notice the sounds coming out from your kit will be much quieter when combining using dowel sticks and lighter drumsticks.

Put on control rings

These items come in many different designs and materials. They can greatly reduce the volume of your drumstick by minimizing the vibration. Moreover, you can have nice, distinctive sounds using various types of rings.

Use a different pedal

Use a different pedal

If you find your current pedal a little hard on the volume, it might be a good idea to replace it with a different one. By choosing pedals, which are lighter and come with more cushion, you can greatly reduce the volume.

Use different cymbals

Cymbal manufacturers these days provide a huge category of different cymbals for various purposes, such as jazz music, rock n roll music, for recording, and so on. In all of that, they would also bring the cymbals volume down. So, you can enjoy playing with different cymbals while maintaining a low volume.

Drum shield

Now we all agree that no one wants to play behind a drum shield. But being a musician, we must play according to the situation. In this particular situation, you must do anything to reduce the volume created by your drum. Not to mention that using drum shields is a really effective way to isolate the sounds from your surroundings. Hence, you can play as loud as you want without bothering anyone by the overwhelming sounds of the drum kits but yourselves.

Change the grip on your drumsticks

Normally, we most play our drums with hands holding at the end of the sticks, which is considered the perfect position as you’ll have great dynamics and flexibility. But if you’re in situations when the sounds must be quieter, you could try holding the sticks at the middle. This will greatly reduce the amount of forces applied to the drum when you hit it with the sticks, thus lowering the volume. But keep in mind that you might experience fatigue and discomfort if doing this for an extended time.

Above are some of the most effective ways to make drums quieter. If you have other great ideas, please share with us by leaving your comment below. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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