How much is a drum set – Pricing Guide?

Usually, when it comes to pricing of musical instruments, we have to search for the particular instrument and compare price ranges in different models. But the same does not hold true for a drum set. So why does the question, ‘how much is a drum set,’ because of so much confusion? It is because unlike the other instruments the drum set comes with a lot of extra fittings along with the main component. This extra stuff may vary from one package to other. So the question, how much is a drum set, becomes more complicated as the cost of these additional features also incorporates as a whole.  But this does not mean that there is no way to guess the average price range. So read on to find the key features that can determine the price and answer the question, how much is a drum set.

Type of drum set: The most obvious feature that governs the price is the type of drum that is, acoustic or electronic. An acoustic drum set is the traditional one which requires no one electronic amplification. The electronic drum, on the other hand, depends more on an electronic synthesizer to mimic the actual acoustics. These electronic drum sets come with a lot of accessories like headphones, amplifiers, connection ports, inbuilt tutorials, etc. It, in turn, raises its price and they are usually quite costlier than their acoustic counterparts.

A drum set can cost anywhere varying from between $25 – $2500. Sometimes the price may even exceed this range. So to categorize them properly, we can roughly divide these drums into three classes. So before going into the question, how much is a drum set, you should first understand what level of a type of drum set you are going to need.

Junior Drum Kits

  • These good cheap drum sets usually start from a price of $300 including the stock cymbals, bass drum, two toms and the hardware stands. It is called a junior set as the features will be quite basic. The extra fittings like the drum thrones may not include in this package. They will have to purchase separately. They are usually three or four piece sets that are quite easy to use and hence are sought after by beginners and younger players.

Intermediate Drum Kits

  • Unlike the junior kits, this kit is full-sized. It does upgrade with a five or six piece configuration. Players often discard the junior kit and move on to this kit with time. Since the features are additional, so is the cost. You will need a budget of around $700 to get a decent kit.

Professional Kits

  • Now, these expensive drum sets are for professional artists, concert, and band players. They have the same features as the standard kit but a built with premium quality materials to ensure quality sound. It can start from $3,000 and go on to much greater prices.

So the drum set cost entirely depends on the type of kit you want to choose.


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