Complete Guide- How to play drums for beginners

how to play drums for beginnerWant to play the drums like that cool drummer down the street? Worried about paying expensive tuition fees for hiring tutors? Well, do not worry. There are several other ways to do this as well. The best on includes typing how to play drums for beginners in your search engine. Then you will end up finding an article like this that will assist you with this process. All you need to do is follow these simple steps, and by the end of this article you will have a clear answer to the question,how to play drums for beginners.’

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the kit

  • It is better to start with a small drum set or cheap drum kits. Getting acquainted with all the components in the kit is the best way to start your drumming journey. It does not necessarily mean that you have to read an instruction manual page by page. Test all the components and understand how each one works and what results you can expect from it. There is a bass drum, a snare drum, several types of tom-tom drums, cymbals and crashes. Strike each of these and memorize the sounds. Some kit may produce low pitched hard bass sounds than other. Get to know which produces which.

Step 2: Learn to hold the drum sticks properly

  • The second step in the journey to answer the question, how to play drums for beginners is learning to hold the sticks. And holding the stick in itself is a piece of art. There are many ways to do this. The most popular methods are the matched grip and traditional grip. These grips do further subdivide into German, American, and French grips. You can try out and learn to differentiate all these grips later, but the start with, try the American grip. Here you turn your hands to about a 45-degree angle while holding the stick. It provides comfort and additional power to the wrists.

    Also as far as drum sticks are concerned, the method of holding is not the issue. The type of drum stick itself can play an important factor. There are a variety of drum sticks, and when you buy a drum set, it usually includes a few sticks. Select the one that best suits you. If you are not sure, then try 5A which is good for beginners.  

Step 3: Learn posture and rudiments

  • Sit up straight, tight to the kit with your elbows in. Good posture provides a good head start. Rudiments are the fundamental patterns of drumming. You will find them in online videos or any drumming manual book. Instead of going to reading the drum sheet music, first master these properly. They will provide you with all the basic striking patterns that you will need for further playing. There are about 40 basic rudiments. Go step by step. And in no time, you will gain the musical knowledge and be equipped to handle hardcore drumming.

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