Best Tips to Practice Drum Set

They say nature is rude and it takes away anything that you do not practice and the same is true for your drum set! But what are more important with the drum set practice is the quality and not the number of hours that you put into the practice.

You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive drum set to be the best drummer, but you do need to have a well-planned practice session.

We get you five simple tips to practice drum set the right way.

5 Tips to get the most out of your Drum Practice

Remember drumming like a pro doesn’t necessarily require an expensive drum set or the best electronic drum pad; it is the quality of practice that one puts in that makes all the difference.

   1. Have a well-planned practice schedule

The ideal thing is to plan out your practice sessions with a well-planned schedule. Having a well-planned session is Best Tips to Practice Drum Setnot reinforcing rigidity but is a medium to work on weaknesses while polishing your strengths. It is also advisable to maintain a practice journal when you practice drum set so you can keep track of what you have gained over a period of a few sessions.

    2. Follow the universal 80:20 rule

The 80:20 rules is a universal rule that means 80% of your success is dependent on 20% of your sincere efforts and practice. But you need to know the practice areas that need these 20% efforts and work on them to achieve your pre-set goals. The idea is to eliminate any useless practice.

    3. Use a metronome

A metronome is a device that is used to mark time and checks the problems in the rhythm. It can be discouraging to use the device initially, but it’s a great way to time oneself and have a hold on playing drums. Practicing the drums using a metronome can help you develop strong drumming skills so you can drum like a pro.

    4. Balance your practice

When you practice drum set, ensure that you do not practice the same thing over and over again. It boring, you will also start to lose interest in them. Practice in new ways that are experimental and more fun. Have a practice session with your friends, add some fun music, you can even practice without the drums.

    5. Set up an inviting practice area

You should set up a practice area that is inviting and appealing to you. Set it up in the favourite corner of your home; add some inspirational posters and maybe a large mirror so you can check your posture while you drum. All of these things will make your practice sessions much more fun and you will look forward to them.

Drumming is one of the most creative ways to channelize one’s energies and emotions. Hope these tips encourage you to practice drum set well and make the most of the short and effective practice sessions.

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