Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set Review: Prominent Kit for Beginners

Search no more! This Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set review will give you a deep insight into one of the best drum kits for drummers, especially beginners.


Have you just started playing drums? If so, our advice is to keep things, including instruments, as simple as possible. Facing many variables, you are likely to become distracted and frustrated, leading to discouragement and early quitting.

Understanding this problem, Behringer has introduced the XD8USB drum kit which asks for little effort to install and navigate. Go on reading this Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set review to find out more!

What’s in the box?

The XD8USB 8-piece electronic drum set comes with everything you’d expect. When the set was delivered to my door, I felt very satisfied with all the components. They are intact and identical to what is advertised on the website.

Compared to other electronic drums at the same price range, the Behringer set consists of a reliable kick drum pedal for convenient use. Everything is listed clearly in the enclosed manual, so I didn’t run into the trouble of setting up and configuring this drum set.

However, drum stone, drumsticks and drum amp aren’t found in the package, which is quite a pity. For me, this doesn’t matter much because I’ve already bought these tools separately for my very first set.

Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set review

Below is an overview of what you can get out of the box:

  • 1 LCD HDS240USB sound module with a metronome and icon-driven user interface
  • 4 3 x 8” dual-zone tom/snare pads
  • 3 3 x 12” dual zone cymbals
  • 1 kick drum pad
  • 1 hi-hat trigger pedal
  • 1 Behringer brand kick drum pedal
  • 1 set of generic drumsticks
  • 15 corresponding rack clamps
  • 1 corresponding trigger pad – sound module wiring
  • 3 cymbal mounts
  • 4 rubber feet for the rack to rest on
  • 1 quick start guide and assembly instructions

Outstanding features of Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set

Integrated metronome

When it comes to drumming, a metronome plays an important role in learning to develop your sense of rhythm and timing. A student can make use of drum tablature to set the metronome to the tempo of the practice material.

Outstanding features of Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set

The HDS240USB sound module features a fully operating metronome which is feasible to adjust to the tempo you desire for practice or the beat of your favorite songs. This brings the functionality of the kit to a new level, promising to develop a drummer’s personal style or a “musician’s ear.”  

Diverse drum sets and sounds

Behringer takes great pride in introducing a variety of drum sets and sounds, which are 15 and 175 respectively. This will fully cater to the need of various players. Especially for beginners, it’s much more convenient to choose from 10 different styles of drum sets available. They include acoustic, standard, rock, power, jungle, jazz, brush, electronic, 808, and house. This offers a wide spectrum of material to try out for any starters.

When you have mastered basic skills and started to develop your own style, you can resort to 5 user-programmable sets left to customize your beat. The 175 sounds work in line with each specific sound module, compatible with any of the 8 pads.

Excellent sound quality

With the combination of percussion and cymbal sounds, the vast libraries of the excellent studio and live drum can ensure a great output that is pleasing to the ears. When you strike a cymbal or drum pad lightly, it sounds soft, but once striking hard, you can hear a loud sound. This feature is confined to a certain number of electronic drum kits, particularly those belonging to this price range.

Regardless of your choice, either the ultra-compact XD60-LE or XD70USB with 735 sounds, you can expect studio-grade sounds that will definitely carry your spirits away.

Connectivity to the computer

Thanks to the integration of USB port, you’re now able to connect the XD80USB to your channel rack, thereby recording authentic beats and patterns besides enjoying the 10 different sound types that its sound module provides. As a result, it makes little sense to purchase sophisticated programs or expensive software for sound recording. If you’ve just developed an interest in playing drums, you can refer to easily designed software available, such as GarageBand for detail instructions.

Connectivity to the computer

Besides, anyone who expects to produce hip-hop or electronic dance music can find this set of great help. The icon-driven interface lends much support to the process of demoing, sampling, and mixing loops or tracks.

Easy installation

Since the main customer group, which Behringer targets, is at the elementary level, the whole drum rack is easy to assemble. There are all mounting hardware and multi-pin cable necessary for quickly connecting all the pads to the module. With the idea of urban living environments on the mind, what you need to do is just pull this kit out of the box, position the drum and cymbal pads to your liking, plug in, and enjoy playing.

Once your practice is finished, just fold up the kit and put it away underneath the bed or behind the couch. A detailed manual which lists all essential instructions comes along with the package, so no professional consultation is needed. You can do all the set-up and break-down by yourselves with hardly any difficulty.

What we like about the Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set

  • Sound variances: New drummers can get access to a variety of options with 15 drum kit variances. This helps them in discovering what they like and don’t like, or what genre of music they are good and bad at.
  • Real feeling: As a drummer using electronic drums for practice, I really appreciate the way drums “feel” and Behringer has done it perfectly. The Behringer’s pads are designed as a natural rubber surface to minimize false triggering while mimicking the feel of real skins.
  • Durability: The whole construction is made from sturdy and extruded aluminum frames, laying a solid foundation for both the drum and cymbal pads. I highly value this extra stability. Even if I’m rocking out at full tilt, I am totally free from worry about harming your drum set.
  • Controllable volume: Given that acoustic drums can cause real volume issues despite sounding fantastic, particularly when you need to practice more at home late at night or in a small club. Since buying this XD8USB electronic drum set, I can still keep the volume under control and satisfy my desire to rock out. There are several output options to choose from, including headphones, stereo, and mono main outs, and USB/MIDI for hooking up external sound modules.
  • Enhanced MDID capability: With this outstanding feature, I can build my own library through external MIDI sound models and store my favorite for prompt recall.
  • Advanced digital compatibility with basic structural drum installation: I’ve tried pressing the instrument pad on the sound module and found that the sound will be relayed via headphones or external speakers. Moreover, I can also add beats to the making while testing the drum sound of 175 different types, which is both convenient and time-saving.

What we don’t like about the Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set

  • Not last long: According to a Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set review by a seasoned drummer who favors consistently quick hits, this set doesn’t last for a long time. The standard foam underneath the padding seems to only withstand moderate hits by a drummer who hasn’t turned to advanced striking and made dramatic rhythm progression. At the same time, the dual zone trigger pads aren’t designed to deal with very heavy or fast drumming.
  • Non-chokeable cymbals: After each strike, I cannot stop them prematurely from sounding just with bare hands.
  • Not properly lined up beater: Some players complain that the beater on the kick drum should hit the pad’s center as close as possible so that the system can create the bass drum with the correct volume. However, I find it no problem with my set, so you needn’t take it to heart.

Our opinions

With numerous advanced features, the Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set has perfected the idea of functionality, style, and affordability featuring in each product. Despite some shortcomings resulted from the design, metronome, digital recording capabilities, sound variances, and other striking features have compensated for them, the XD8USB is a great tool for any drummer seeking to develop drumming skills in a simple way.

From my own experience, I highly recommend you to give this drum set a try because you will never know what wonderful things you can do with it before purchase. Those on a strict budget can also take it into account if they want a high-quality product selling at an affordable price range. Others who are looking for electronic kits with superior durability and sound coherency will need to take a more careful look because this set may not live up to their expectations.

Overall, the Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set will definitely provide beginners with what they really need at a value. It’s high time to enjoy the appealing sound of drums now!

Thank you for reading my Behringer XD8USB electronic drum set review. Have a great day!

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