Alesis Nitro Kit Review – Should You Buy The Kit?

After playing the Alesis Nitro Kit for a few weeks, I think it’s cool to let you guys know my personal experiences with this kit. In the end, you can decide whether you should choose it or not. Without further ado, here is my Alesis Nitro Kit review.

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Outstanding features of Alesis Nitro Kit


The package delivered to me was quite big and heavy. So, you might want to find a friend to help with the carrying and unboxing. Moreover, it doesn’t come with an intuitive instruction, but if you’re excited enough, you’ll be able to put it together after 30-40 minutes.


The aluminum posts are sturdy enough to handle the drum set without any problem. The height is perfect for children, but adults would probably find it a little short and need to be raised.

Alesis Nitro Kit Review

The pads are positioned quite close to each other, which is common with other electronic drum sets. These will allow you do drum faster, making high-speed records sound smoother. But keep in mind that it might create a false delusion that you’re up there with Buddy Rich or John Bonham. So, you might not be as good when going back to your full-size drum set.

Moreover, the pedals are well built although they look a little small. If you have heavy feet or they’re just too big, you would want to invest in an aftermarket pedal. But keep in mind that these things can cost up to hundreds of dollars. For me, I would stick with my pedals.


Considering the price point, the Alesis Nitro Kit comes with really good responsiveness. So even when you just perform a slight tap on it, the output sound is still powerful and punchy. That will be obviously great, especially when you play at high speed.

Alesis Nitro Kit Review 2

However, if you’re planning to give your records a different symbolic dynamic by doing the same thing, a lot of times your drum set will generate the exact sounds every single time. But don’t be disappointed because this is what happens to most electronic drum sets, even those at the four-digit price point.


A built-in metronome will be shipped with the product on your first purchase. The device comes with 385 sound presets and 40 drum kits for you to generate different sounds and effects. Hence, you can switch between them sometimes to give your records a different feeling.Alesis Nitro Kit Review 3

Moreover, you can customize the sound effects to your liking and use it along with other preprogrammed features. For me, I only find myself customizing a few presets as I felt that they were not powerful enough. But for the rest of them, I’m pretty satisfied.

What I like and don’t like about the Alesis Nitro Kit

To sum up what I have told you, let’s take a look at some strengths and weaknesses of the Alesis Nitro Kit.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good electronic drum set with an unbeatable price
  • Great gift for children who want to start practicing drum
  • Great for practicing and enjoying at free time
  • A wide variety of useful sounds and drum effects presets
  • Comes with the mesh pads version which delivers better dynamics


  • The instruction manual is not intuitive
  • A little small for adults and the height is not adjustable
  • Doesn’t come with a throne
  • Decent dynamics for the rubber pads

So, what do you think about the Alesis Nitro Kit? Tell me your opinions in the comment section below. To my point of view, the kit is simply worth its price!

Thank you for reading my Alesis Nitro Kit review. I’ll see you in my future posts.

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