4 Awesome Physical and Mental Benefits of Playing Drums That Surprise You

Drumming can be both fun and healthy at the same time. Discover the top four wonderful benefits of playing drums for your health and spiritual life as follows!

4 Awesome Physical and Mental Benefits of Playing Drums That Surprise You

Drums are among the oldest musical instruments in history, but you may be astounded at the numerous benefits of playing drums that drummers can get in terms of their mental and spiritual health. Go on reading to find out more!

Relieve stress and enhance mood

Hitting and slapping things is undoubtedly a great way to free energy and relieve stress. Just like a “runner’s high,” the brain of drummers emits feel-good endorphins while playing music, thereby immediately boosting players’ mood. You are too carried away with beat and rhythm to care about daily bothers or work pressure. All you focus on is moving to the beat. The drum is also well-known as an ideal therapy to overcome trauma and stress from the past. Once you get the hang of playing drums, you won’t definitely want to put the drumsticks down.


Good mood is followed by good health in the sense that stress contributes to serious health problems like strokes and heart attacks. Less stress means fewer chances of catching such diseases. The rush pace of modern life often makes people pressed for leisure time, and drumming provides a carefree activity where people can vitalize themselves and recharge energy.

Keep people in shape

Some scientific research has shown that an average drum circle participant can burn a total of 270.4 calories in half an hour by playing hand drums. Therefore, if you play drums on a frequent basis, the chance is that you will lose considerable weight. A hardy session of drumming offers a great way to make your body soaked in sweat besides creating a lot of fun.

Moreover, group drumming proves useful in tuning human biology, orchestrating our immunity, and stimulating the healing process. It can even create illness-killing cells to protect the body. In certain cases, a proper drumming approach can remarkably promote the disease-fighting mechanism via circulating white blood cells, which detect and kill cancer and virally-infected cells.

For patients diagnosed with neurological diseases, music really does wonders with its amazing therapeutic potential. It calms us, thrills us, and brings peace of mind to us, and drumming is one of its components.

Boost mental health

Among the benefits of playing drums, the promotion of mental health is out of the question. When playing drums, people must coordinate all four limbs harmoniously to produce the tune. This requires both sides of your brain to work simultaneously. Besides, the brain is made to think in a different way, leading to an improvement in an individual’s IQ level. Drummers have to count, so they turn out better at academic performance, especially learning fractions, frequencies, and intervals. For example, to finish a simple rock beat, players have two kicks and two snare hits every bar along with 4 hi-hat strokes.  

Enrich social life

People from every walk of life can gather and enjoy drumming regardless of their cultures and ages. Like a global language, drums can bring everyone together to forge lifelong friendships. Given endless opportunities to join bands, you are likely to meet a great number of new and interesting people. Drummers can create a drum circle, contribute to songs or enroll in group therapy sessions. At the same time, it is necessary that you improve your verbal and non-verbal skills to communicate with peers more effectively, thereby sharpening your communication skills.

Socialization also means increasing self-esteem and confidence. You have the chance to get out of your comfort zone and show up your talents or hobbies, especially when playing in groups or bands. Although it may be a little bit embarrassing to get up on stage for the first time, you will slowly get used to spotlights and even enjoy performing in front of people. To kick off a good start, you can refer to best drumming techniques for beginners. Generally speaking, playing a musical instrument allows you to overcome obstacles and grasp new concepts. Therefore, it is a great way to get more confidence and develop connections with people.


Be well-prepared for multiple benefits of playing drums when you consider taking up this kind of musical instrument. It is not only amusing but also useful in reducing stress, promoting your intellectual health, and livening up your mind. Now, let’s give it a try and have a good time!  

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